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Guangzhou Song Tao craft artificial tree Co.,Ltd is under the company of the Hong Kong(Guangzhou) Song Tao Process Art Industrial Limited.Our company has highly attainments of artistic and a long of history(since 1989) by a Senior Technogist of Mr well as from world-renowned artist for the guide.Our company is.specialize in designing,manufacturing,selling and installing artificial plants for kinds of indoor&outdoor project decorations such as,artificial tree,artificial palm tree,artificial cherry blossom tree,artificial plant,green wall,rockery and so on.

Base on ours highly attainments of artistic,undertake all over sea gardening landscape project,all kinds of hotel,villa,business street,European architecture decoration,home-decorating,landscape,ecological garden landscape,artificial cave project.we do our best to you on professional design team and rich experience of the construction team.Determined to build a world-renowned brand of artificial tree.

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