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How to plant the mini coconut palm tree

Time:2017-05-02 17:11 From:songtaocraft Click:

1.Select a planting site in a warm, well-draining location in full sun. The highest spot on your property will protect the plant from the excess water and cool seasonal air that accumulate in low areas. While you can plant the coconut palm outdoors anytime throughout the year, the best time is when the weather is warmest. The coconut palm is highly tolerant of most soil and pH conditions as long as the area drains well.
2.Dig a hole roughly as deep as the coconut palm’s container and about twice the diameter. Remove the plant from the pot gently, and center it in the hole. Firm the soil gently as you backfill the hole. Plant the coconut palm so the point where the top of the root ball joins the bottom of the stem is about 1 inch below the soil surface.
3.Water the planting site thoroughly to evenly moisten the soil, but not enough to make it soggy or wet. This plant does not like to stand in water. Provide the coconut palm with about 1 inch of water weekly during the first year after planting.
4.Apply 2 to 3 inches of organic mulch to the planting site. You can use bark, leaves or grass clippings. This will help retain moisture and discourage weed growth.
5.Feed the coconut palm an 8-2-12 granular palm fertilizer after three fronds emerge. Broadcast it over the root zone and water it in thoroughly. Reapply the product every other month. Consult the packaging instructions for appropriate amounts.