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The feature of bottle coconut palm tree

Time:2017-04-28 11:00 From:songtaocraft Click:

Bottle coconut palm tree is evergreen palmetto, approximately 3 to 5 meters height,the shape is like a bottle so we call it bottle coconut palm tree.It lives in the high temperature and wet area.
Bottle Coconut Tree, Grows slowly.From seeding to flowering results ,it often takes more than 20 years, each flowering to fruit ripening requires 18 months. But it's life time  can reach ten years, its shape like a bottle, very beautiful, is a precious ornamental palm plants. Bottle Coconut Tree can be used to decorate the hotel's halls and large shopping malls, bottle coconuts can also be planted in the lawn or courtyard, the viewing effect is excellent. In addition, the bottle coconut trees and Chinese brown, Queen's Kwai and other plants, or a few can be directly planted in the sea palm plants.