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  • Landscaping office is under construction
    Landscaping office is under construction

    Songtao craft company is specializing in artificial plantand trees, so that our boss designed the idea of office in nature.All employees can work in a beautiful environment. Our boss say:‘We only do what we are good at!’

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  • <b>The annual dinner of songtao craft company</b>
    The annual dinner of songtao craft company

    Guangzhou Songtao Process Art Industrial Limited , 2014 annual summary of the General Assembly and the 2015 New Year's party held in February 10 grand. In the shadows of the shadows of 2014, we gathered in the footsteps of the coincident time in 2015, and we played together to meet the achievements and deficiencies of the past year and look forward to the future direction and goals. , Imposing to embark on a new journey, open a new chapter in the cause of take off.

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  • <b>Travel to Panlongxia ecological tourism area</b>
    Travel to Panlongxia ecological tourism area

    We travel from Guangzhou all the way to the destination, sitting in the car all the way to enjoy the beautiful mountains and rivers landscape, lush trees, on the way to see the red glowing lychee fruit, Huang Cancan, heavy fruit hanging Full of branches, we are about noon to the Deqing Panlongxia eco-tourism area.

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  • Hundred Regiments Campaign
    Hundred Regiments Campaign

    Guangzhou Songtao, in 2015.8.20 participated in the opening ceremony of the Hundred Regiments. Hundred Mission war opening ceremony, the Guangzhou Baiyun District Wanda Hilton Hotel was held, the Hundred Regiments by the Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Department and Baiyun District Science and Technology Industrial Business and Information Bureau guidance, Guangdong Province Electronic Commerce Association personally surgeon, West Point experience Education professional planning implementation. Designed to inherit the war of resistance against Japan, the dedication, unity, self-improvem

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  • Tubaali business recommendation:Guangzhou songtaocraft fact
    Tubaali business recommendation:Guangzhou songtaocraft fact

    Songtao process is the first to do the simulation of stone and artificial flowers and trees started to undertake hotels, villas, commercial street decoration works, Guangzhou Shuilian Dong Restaurant, Changzhou, Zhejiang Ecological Park Restaurant, Wuhan World Trade Longwan, Songtao process will be attributed to early success : The earliest in the industry, the industry first, the highest level of the line

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