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The annual dinner of songtao craft company

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The annual dinner of songtao craft company

Guangzhou Songtao Process Art Industrial Limited , 2014 annual summary of the General Assembly and the 2015 New Year's party held in February 10 grand. In the shadows of the shadows of 2014, we gathered in the footsteps of the coincident time in 2015, and we played together to meet the achievements and deficiencies of the past year and look forward to the future direction and goals. , Imposing to embark on a new journey, open a new chapter in the cause of take off.
Looking back 2014, our Ministry of Foreign Trade Shen sister, in the Ministry of Foreign Trade on the market with outstanding performance come to the fore, successfully and one after another well-known brands at home and abroad, the company or its agents signed a strategic cooperation agreement, we are proud of our voice sonorous Strong! Other colleagues are not far behind, Baigezhengliu, and strive to upstream, and achieved gratifying results. Looking back at the past, we are full of enthusiasm; blooming 2015, we are high-spirited, in the new year let us open the wings, toward the higher and farther goals forge ahead.
We end up in the "Songtao craft", from the original mutual understanding and now into a unity and harmony of the family, from familiar to know each other, the charm of time to give us the growth of the aura, condensate never fade friendship, so that we have For the ideal and the enthusiasm of the will and courage, always in the "Songtao process simulation tree" is committed to creating well-known domestic and foreign simulation tree brand struggle.

2014, whether it is to get or lose, victory or failure, glory or sadly, all the way forward we always bear the storm together; on the occasion of the spring, let us spread the seeds of hope, look forward to harvest the fruits of the coming year. Flying songs, interpretation of the memorable years; familiar melody, interpretation of the times of change, but always remember that friendship does not change the real. Bid farewell to yesterday, we stand a new starting point; look to tomorrow, let us fight with the struggle and diligence to create a more gorgeous future, the same boat to glory!