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Travel to Panlongxia ecological tourism area

Time:2017-04-19 14:25 From:songtaocraft Click:

Travel to Panlongxia ecological tourism area
We travel from Guangzhou all the way to the destination, sitting in the car all the way to enjoy the beautiful mountains and rivers landscape, lush trees, on the way to see the red glowing lychee fruit, Huang Cancan, heavy fruit hanging Full of branches, we are about noon to the Deqing Panlongxia eco-tourism area.

Here look at the past, ancient trees verdant, flowers, beautiful scenery in the eyes, a feast for the eyes, Panlongxia eco-tourism is a good place for entertainment and leisure ah!

We are in the tourist area at the foot of the mountain, sitting by car to the top of the mountain, on the road eighteen bend ah, the first ride is still not used to it.
We went to the top of the hill, the air is more clear, we first see in the mountains of the unique retro water tankers, gurgling sound of water we along the winding mountain trails, all the way slowly walking on the mountain, enjoy the beauty. Surrounded by trees deep, clear water. One of the most famous is the "dragon waterfalls, towering waterfalls, misty rain waterfalls," the three natural wonders, elegant beauty, such as Xi Shi huan yarn, but also reflects the green lush green.
We came to the hillside, yes, here is the area we want to drift, cool rafting river, we put on life jackets, wearing helmets, armed together, two a rubber boat. That is really thrilling. With the twists and turns of the mountain, Panlong Gorge drifting there are different characteristics, scared warriors drift, drop hundreds of meters, rubber rafts in the ups and downs in the stream, Kang song, full of warriors style , All the way wandering, the most dangerous at a few meters, straight up and down, rapids, narrow waterways, can only accommodate a rubber boat through, and drift immediately after a 90 degrees sharp turn, we scream, tightly grasp The handle, the eyes of a closed down red. That momentum, like a stiff wild horse, over a mountain and a mountain, reward a territory and another territory, the water crystal clear, the canyon filled with smoke and rain, the two sides of the magnificent waterfall, strange stone peak, it is indulge in pleasures without stop.

Mountain flowers blooming, Qushui loop, Kistler everywhere, fog around the peaks; mountain water complex doubt no way, vista and a King. Winding path, the scenery is infinite good.