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Tubaali business recommendation:Guangzhou songtaocraft fact

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Tubaali business recommendation:Guangzhou songtaocraft factory

Songtao process is the first to do the simulation of stone and artificial flowers and trees started to undertake hotels, villas, commercial street decoration works, Guangzhou Shuilian Dong Restaurant, Changzhou, Zhejiang Ecological Park Restaurant, Wuhan World Trade Longwan, Songtao process will be attributed to early success : The earliest in the industry, the industry first, the highest level of the line
In 2008, the global financial crisis and low threshold caused by price warfare, development encountered bottlenecks, the company at a low level, the development met four bottlenecks strategy,

1. network marketing ignored, resulting in a large number of customers were transferred.

 2. Chinese people swarmed homogeneity of the company increased, increased competition.

3. The weakness of the old enterprises to reduce the new and competing products.

4. High-tech and environmental protection and other new concepts are not synchronized with the time.
In 2009, Songtao process painful experience, ruthless fast, has set up marketing, promotion, technology, product development, quality and other independent departments to change the boss before the business, the boss is the R & D and other ministries are unclear, the responsibility is unknown, can not set Think of the broad sense, the exhibition can be like, the factory re-life, continuous turn over the battle, through the product into the Pazhou International Trade Exhibition, made international pass, internal hard practice, made a variety of international certificates, such as raw material supply Iso9001 international quality certification, FCC authorization certificate, GOLD SUPPLER certificate, SGS SUPPLY certificate, SGS-QIP-ASR151551 certificate, plus the certificate of the international standard test report of the international standard testing report of the raw material supplier (paper) On a variety of products and construction capacity, to avoid the domestic malicious bidding, international orders such as snow-like flying, especially the simulation tree series, in the Arabian five-star hotel, the United States Beverly Hills area in short supply.
"Three burst red secret": To this end, Songtao craft done three things: 1. Quality; 2. Global customization capacity; 3. Business Road
"Four bottlenecks strategy": look at the world, strengths and weaknesses, not in a small space game. Attention to the network marketing, change the passive order before the initiative to find the guests; continue to add new products and competitive products, always with the world trend convergence; increase research and development efforts, continue to join the world's latest technology.
Songtao process now to undertake the world orders, the annual sales of similar products in the world 18%, "Made in the United States," the title, 2017, Songtao technology stationed in the soil ah ah, 24 hours contact customers.